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Object detection with Artificial Intelligence

Our product for image and behavioral recognition Intra is not only capable of recognizing human behavior but also the relationship between people and an object (things). For our national airport Schiphol we created detection of left luggage, which is a major problem since this can be done by terrorists, this has never been the case yet, while leaving luggage for window shopping happens all the time.

In other sectors like healthcare, it is important to know that (old) people do not accidentally fell out of their beds and lay helpless waiting for someone to turn up. Those people also might forget to go to bed and stay in a chair all night. For such situations, Intra can provide a solution with respect to the privacy of people. Our software can be the only one actually seeing and analyzing them and only send messages to support staff or security personnel if needed.

While it is not very wise to leave your luggage unattended on an airport for whatever reason, smugglers can put drugs in your suitcase for instance. Then you have to try and explain that to customs. Luckily Intra can help and also detect such criminal behavior.

Object detection is very useful for various things. An object can be dangerous like a heat source or a cliff. Or someone losing their wallet or iphone. Even theft detection is possible.

Would you like to know more about Intra and what it can do for your organization or branch? Please fill out our contact form and we are happy to explain it to you.

Watch the movie about object detection with Intra below.

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