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Howto detect left luggage

Preventing attacks

Leaving luggage at an airport is a major security problem. Our product Intra for computer vision you can easily and reliably detect whether people accidentally or on purpose leave luggage behind.

This is particularly interesting for the security or (public) environments such as airports, stations, squares or government buildings.

Basically wherever there is a risk of a terrorist attack. But it can also be used to detect drug transfer or other illegal practices.

Detect left luggage with AI

How do you detect left luggage?

Computer Vision is a form of artificial intelligence in which software analyzes images and can recognize situations based on them. So that starts with recognition. In this case, the software recognizes a person, but also his baggage.

As long as someone is in sight, these “objects” are tracked and are linked to each other. If that link is broken for a certain period of time, a message can be sent to the control room or a nearest security officer.

So if someone leaves luggage behind to walk into a store, a notification is sent. But also if someone leaves a suspicious package and then walks away.

The transfer of luggage is a point of attention. It will now always result in a notification. Usually that will be completely legal and also the intention. Think of family who help carry luggage to the train and then hand it over to the traveler.

But illegal forms can also exist here, such as drug couriers who receive parcels.

Intra now cannot see if a transfer is legal or illegal. This can be trained if sufficient images are available of both legal and illegal forms of baggage transfer.

Nevertheless, Intra makes an immediate contribution to safety if organizations implement this. Intra is always vigilant and nothing escapes to its attention as long as it takes place on camera.


Privacy of individuals is important, also in public. Intra can handle this very well. For example, we do not show or save images, but rather represent what is happening in the form of moving dots.

Anonymous detection of people with AI


A dot then turns red when a person leaves luggage behind. The camera can then take a photo and show it in the dashboard so that security guards know who to address.

If there is a legitimate interest in monitoring, image material can of course be shown and saved.

The top video was made as a demo for Schiphol airport

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