What can we do for you ? Our services might help

We make software but do not stop there

To be competitive in almost any market, software has become crucial for success. Standard software can definitely help but dedicated software makes it even better.

The middle road is to reuse open source software. That way, you don’t need to make everything from scratch and you can still achieve your goals.

We love new technology and challenges and work on a daily basis for our customers to reach for the best at the lowest possible cost. So what are you waiting for? Let’s get started !

Mobile apps

Apps are an excellent way for customers to do business in a way that consumers want. The growth is therefore astonishing. We have created several small and bigger apps for all sorts of purposes. An excellent example is veiligebuurt

Machine Learning

With machine learning you can make software increasingly intelligent without programming. By adding extra data or a learning function. No more programming or configuring software, but training.


For small and medium-sized businesses we have developed an e-commerce platform to start your own business at minimal cost. It is currently only available in the Netherlands. Larger companies will need more specialized solutions, but no worries we have a number of solutions for them too. Just reach out

Knowledge network

We created an excellent knowledge network platform so innovation can take shape in a company. Start a free MyVox website for your organization to privately share information.

Why chosing for Centillien ?

Excellent team

Our team is truly remarkable. Young, passionate, yet experienced and ready for a challenge. We support multiple programming languages, application and development frameworks.

Excellent support

Good support at predictable costs is the motto here. For standard products, we also have standard prices for support.

Excellent result

Make clear agreements about results, agile development to quickly adjust to changes in business or insights and useful tools change management. Together with our team a guarantee for excellent results.

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