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Groundbreaking and exciting product for behavioral recognition

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence might be a nightmare for some. For us and many others, it’s exciting and has many opportunities. Our product for image and behavior recognition called Intra started as a small idea and has proven it’s use as a prototype.

The technology works, we need to extend the behavioral recognition based on scientific evidence or experienced professional opinions. But we need help for that from customers.

Imagine a simple dashboard with various live (or offline) security camera recordings on your screen. You can add as many cameras you like. If you are using this at an airport you can see a lot of people walking around. Nothing suspicious until somebody leaves a bag behind and walks away. Or imagine a Saturday evening in the town center where all pubs are open and a fight starts. Do you want to know that immediately, don’t you? We’ll Intra can help with that.


User seems insecure
User has a body language which indicates closed
Aggressive behavior detected

INTRA will help to determine where something goes wrong. If something really bad happens, like a fight, security or the police will get a message from INTRA. This groundbreaking product is very scalable. Each camera will have its own processing environment which is capable of analyzing a live stream.

Intra has learning capabilities built in, in another post we will explain how this helps to improve detection.

You can start with one camera and add many more later. The only thing you need to do is add the URL or IP address of the camera. Intra is also capable of tracking over several camera’s. This is also pretty amazing 🙂

Image and behavior software

Update: At the moment two government departments have chosen Intra to help with national emergencies. The department of Defense and the department of Economic Affairs

Computer vision is a very exciting topic. Learn more on our website and get inspired with it.

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