Prepaid ticket strips

We offer our software development services in hours you can buy like a prepaid budget. We will work at reduced prices to also make smaller jobs a success.

What can you expect?

We offer the prepaid budgets bases on the number of hours you estimate. Keep in mind that we charge actual hours and it’s wise to consult with us first so we can help you plan. You can use the prepaid budget for all our skills.

For who?

Companies and/or people who want to have a job done quick and easy by a specialized company. We provide: software development, computer vision and artificial intelligence. This can include front-end and/or backend (database work). 

Volume discounts.

You’ll find the prepaid budgets here.

Please note that refunds are not possible and that the strip card can not be transferred to others. Hours must be spent within two years after purchase.

Interested in a prepaid ? Contact us here. We’re happy to advise you!