Working for

Why working for Centillien ?

Centillien is a Dutch software company that has been focusing on Artificial Intelligence since 2016. A very promising technology, of course. We are specialized in the field of Computer vision .

We have made our own development platform for this, which is called Intra. This approach has many advantages. This approach ensures that we can quickly create new products for our targeted markets.

These customers are active in healthcare, industry and agriculture. We would like to contribute to the society as a team with our products. 

Our team consists mainly of young scientifically trained software developers who are working on the technical and marketing challenges. 

AI and recycling

Not just a number

As an employee, you don’t want to be “just a number”. Neither is Centillien. It’s the largest number that has a name. You just have to spell it correctly.

We are very ambitious and we like to see that in our employees. Not afraid to take on big competitors and neither for a challenge.

In return you get a broad working field, good tooling, a strong and great team to work with. Together with our business partners we can make the difference.

Your challenge ?

Enthusiastic about working for Centillien? Check if there are any open vacancies at the moment.

If not, we are always interested in special talent. Do not hesitate and contact us if you are convinced that we need you in our team.