Software development is our main focus

Centillien is a little word game. The largest number that has a name is Centillion, which is 10^600. A wink to google, that owes its name to the number googol, what only represents 10^100 😉

We started as a social networking for companies but we evolved into a full-service software development company. We have a team of experienced young developers who are working on different projects or product development. In our portfolio, you can see what we did so far. Our most important product is MyVox. With MyVox we focus on organizations who think innovation is the most important asset of their existence.

Our motto is: If you can imagine it, we can make it. Sure you can imagine things we cannot make, but I think you get the picture here.

We develop software in a professional way, with modern techniques and development methods.  That guarantees the best end result and the ability to steer during the development phase.

Our vision is that software is not a monolith application anymore which provides as much functionality as possible. Applications are part of a bigger landscape and integrated with a number of other applications. This requires a different approach from design to delivery and maintenance. At Centillien, software development does not need to stop after delivery, we can host, maintain and manage it during the whole lifecycle from our datacenter in Eindhoven or from Amazon Web services from all around the globe.

A small team also means we have a personal interest in all our clients and they all matter for our joint success.


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