What is Intra ?

Intra is our computer vision platform. An Artificial Intelligence based solution that is capable of detecting people, animals and objects. But it does not stop there. You can count, qualify and relate them to objects or check behavior. It starts with recognition. Intra must be able to know what it is seeing.

There are pre trained models that can be used. People for instance can be detected very accurately, with more than 99% confidence. Animals like dogs and cats also, less common species are harder to detect. The same applies for objects, like tables, bags, chairs versus detecting an oil tanker. It can be required to make more distinction like sex or age of a person. Or specific car model. Depending on the needs, we can see what is available and what needs to be trained.

Different solutions for different Industries

Intra is built for different appliances and industries. In the health industry we have a solution to prevent the spreading of COVID-19 which is used by the Dutch department of Economic Affairs. 

Intra can also detect aggressive or suspicious behavior, which makes it interesting for public and private security companies.

And finally Intra can be used in industrial processes, to count products, inspect quality and/or adjust the process based on the findings.

As a Platform

We created Intra as a platform for customers to adapt Intra to its needs. The basic elements are the Dashboard where interesting events are shown. In the admin panel, you can train Intra to detect specific products or behavior. The admin panel can also be used to define interesting relationships between people and objects. let’s say you don’t want people to stay at the fence for longer than 30 seconds. If they do, you want a message on the dahsboard with a snapshot of the offender. Behavior is a very broad concept. Not all types of behavior can be trained or detected. But also a lot can be trained and detected very accurately.