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Why choose Centillien ?

Not just any software developer

There are a lot of companies that develop software in the world. Making a choice is therefore though, but still very important. Centillien is specialized in Computer Vision and we have a ultra fast platform for processing with reasonable priced hardware.  We develop new measurements like temperature or distance and make it reusable for our customers.

Computer vision software

Centillien has a passion for innovation

Our passion for innovation makes Centillien special. If everyone is working on business intelligence and big data we look at making this huge amount of data available for real-time decision making. We pioneer with artificial intelligence, not just for fun but mainly to create real business application for it. But not everything we do has to be groundbreaking. There is so much space in business software, just by looking at it in a different way. We can integrate any software in a stable, modern, safe and adaptive way.

AI software for the Retail

Easy collaboration

A project usually goes through a number of steps. You have an idea and this has already been worked out reasonably well. We give a quote based on these requirements and wishes. With larger projects, we maintain weekly contact with the customer about the progress. Just a short question or a comment? Via our own chat channel, you can consult directly with our developers. You do not have to be technical to work with us. We try to make it easy for our customers. Code changes, issues and documentation is doen in gitlab


There are multiple ways to create applications for computer vision. You can start with open source and make something yourself. Or you can buy an off the shelf product which suites your specific needs. Our approach is to provide you with a platform and the skills to build any computer vision application fast and reliable. That way, you can benefit and take a strategic step forward and leave your competition behind. For generic use cases, we will also provide a full fledged product based solution.

So choose Centillien

Choosing Centillien is choosing a software company with a passion for artificial intelligence, cloud computing and serious business applications. In short, software with vision.

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