We are Centillien

Software development for internet purposes. If you can imagine it, we can make it

We make software for startups to multinationals

An enthusiastic and ambitious team of developers who likes to make beautiful and interesting software.

We started with social networking software, this software has now grown into the full-fledged MyVox product. We then specialized in the development of mobile apps, marketing automation tools,  software for machine learning.

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Our standard products

Internet software

We make a difference between standard products and tailor-made software. Our standard products are developed on our own expenses and we sell this to our customers as a ready to go product. Examples are Eigen bedrijf online and MyVox but also our AI chat robot is ready for sale. To make those products work for you is just a matter of configuration.

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Our products and services

Custom made software

We do not start with an empty page if it comes to software specifically made for you. We use frameworks and open source software as a starting point. That ensures safe, stable software and helps us to develop in a rapid efficient way. Our methodology is based on agile development where we can steer from prototype to stable product.

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Technology and experience

Driven by innovation

Reuse of software

Because of the experience we have, we can often reuse parts of other software. That saves development time and therefore money. Sometimes this is based on frameworks, previous product or project development or generally available code. Our programmers love challenges and learn new frameworks or application at a stunning speed. We strive for efficiency and reuse is an excellent way to achieve this.

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Our Team

Our Customers

We have more than 250.000 satisfied users, using our software.  Let us help you too!

Let’s work together

Our success is determined by our developers and the cooperation with our clients. We strive for high quality and affordable software in acceptable timelines.

Streaming Data

For a large energy company, we made software to analyze data in real-time for website visitors. We combined data from multiple sources including live social media data and make real-time decisions. This way it was possible to give customers a personal proposal based on their preferences without having to ask them.

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MyVox is an intranet application focused on organizations who want to improve their innovative power. It is suited as knowledge network or digital work environment. With the speed markets and technology evolve innovation becomes crucial for survival. This is no longer a task for the R&D department but the whole organization including suppliers should be involved in this process.

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Artificial Intelligence

We are very active with artificial intelligence. Our most recent development is Intra. An application for image and behavior recognition from video cameras. This is a revolutionary breakthrough, we can identify suspicious behavior, persons of interest, animals and other objects. This is a very exciting field of work and we like more use cases from our customers.

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