Fall prevention

Through our strategic partnership with CLB, we focus on creating solutions for healthcare. For example, falling is a serious problem, especially in elderly care. It is imperative that you can quickly recognize and preferably prevent people falling. For example, if people break a hip, it is not only very painful, but often has a long-term impact on their lives and sometimes leads to permanent disability.

For elderly care in particular, we have created a product where a number of things can be detected in Realtime.

– Whether people are in or out of bed. 
– Whether or not they are in a room and how many people.
– Fall detection.
– Detection of sitting, standing and lying.
– Restlessness in bed.

These functionalities are shown in the accompanying demonstration video. For demonstration purposes, all operations are shown. It is not necessary that images can be viewed by others. Only the software needs to see what’s happening, giving clients maximum privacy and freedom.

Fall prevention

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