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for image and behavior recognition

Computer Vision software

Software company specialized in Artificial Intelligence and image recognition. This way you can recognize, measure and count things and people and take automated actions. With behavioral recognition we even go one step further and we can analyze the behavior of people or animals. Do you want to know what we can do for your organization? Get inspired.

Intra our AI software on TV

Technology and Experience

Artificial Intelligence software

In recent years we have gained a lot of experience with machine learning and computer vision. This is usually referred to as Artificial Intelligence. Starting with chatbots, via image recognition we have come to behavior recognition. We have made amazing applications for our customers. Our software discovers intelligent connections in large datasets. With surprising insights as result.

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Behavior recognition

Intra software

Intra is our flagship for image and behavioral recognition. We are not behavioral specialists ourselves. But our software can recognize a lot. People, animals and things, but also the relationships between those objects. Also tracking in time, measuring distance and temperature and much more. You can combine that endlessly. We focus with Intra on government, healthcare and manufacturing. 

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Measure distance with a normal webcamera
Computer vision in greenhouses

Our core strength

Computer vision software

With computer vision you can let a computer see. Am opportunity to have the real world analyzed the way we as humans experience it . That is not only new, but also very powerful. Every day computers process aspects of our life such as transactions, messages and show us text and information on the internet.

But suddenly much more is possible with image recognition. From self-driving cars to controlling robots based on what actually happens. That is what makes this field so exciting.

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Our Customers

We have more than 300.000 satisfied users, using our software.  Let us help you too!

Let’s work together

Our success is determined by our developers and the cooperation with our clients. We strive for high quality solutions and affordable software in acceptable timelines.

Artificial Intelligence

Our most recent development is Intra. An application for image and behavior recognition from video cameras. This is a great breakthrough, we can identify suspicious behavior, persons of interest, animals and other objects. This is a very exciting field.

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Behavior analysis

We adapted Intra for two Ministries to analyze anonymous behavior. This was for research to see whether measures are being complied with or whether security is sufficient. But also to prevent theft or destruction, for example.

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There is always something to optimize or automate in the industry. With Intra a lot of new possibilities are added. From Quality controls of product or packaging to security. And with an insightful dashboard to keep an overview.

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