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Posted 1 month ago
Wordt data collector bij centillien

Image annotation

Computer vision is an exciting and promising technology. At Centillien we are working on a generic platform where we we can quickly realize new applications in this area. From training, recognizing, measuring and acting. Would you like to participate in this promising platform?

Image annotation is an essential part of this field. Because without data you are nowhere in the AI world. Your job wil be to gather the relevant images and label the data that is seen on it which we would like to know.

You will receive a training how to gather video material and how to annotate. Most cases it is drawing lines around existing objects. Sometimes it is easier and just tag an object and give it an appropriate label (cat, dog, coffeecup)

You can do your work from home or in the train or at our office.  Do you want to step into the world of Artificial Intelligence ? Let us know and strengthen our team

What we expect from you ?

  • At least once in our Office for the training.
  • You must be able to work alone
  • You like to learn new things
  • You have your own laptop to work with

What to expect from us ?

  • We pay better than the supermarket
  • Great team to work with
  • Chance to know more about Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
  • A camera to work with
  • Work from home when it suits your agenda

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