Streaming Data

A complex project where we use multiple open source applications like Apache Hadoop, Storm, Cassandra, Kafka and others.

The goal is to gather realtime data from different sources like website traffic, social media, external static data sources and create a realtime customer profile, which can be used to make custom propositions.

With this approach we are we ahead of most products in this area. It easily scales up to millions of customers and thousands of online visitors.

There are a number of other application for realtime streaming data. One can think of Internet of Things (IoT) where devices fire up events who will be processed in realtime. This can be measurements, messages of users etc.. This event data can be combined with relevant data like weather, time of day, other events and create a new perspective.

This platform is built for fast processing, is very scaleable and meant for large datavolumes and storage. Do you have a complex project where it is needed to handle and proces large data volumes realtime ? Then streaming data is an excellent choice.

Streaming data

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