INTRA – Machine learning software for image and behavior recognition

Intra is machine learning software for image and behavior analytics. With these two applications, we’ve managed to make a product that can make the world a safer place.

For example: if the security branch uses our product, the people in the control rooms won’t be spending their day looking at their screens. They can focus on the more important stuff, the video’s that are already picked by Intra. This will make their work more interesting.

Behaviour gets analyzed with advanced machine learning technology. On your dashboard, you’ll get to see all the cameras. Intra is an assistant: he looks at the video’s and analyses what he sees. Without getting tired and without taking brakes he can watch dozens of cameras at the same time.

You have a real-time overview on your dashboard and if a threat level gets to an alarming hight, Intra will make a notification and the video will be shown to you. If the situation is very serious, the police will be informed. This process can be stopped, so there is no need to worry about irreversible actions.

A computer can’t get tired and can easily analyze many images at the same time. A human can lose concentration and mistakes can be made, but with the help of Intra that will be minimalized. Older images can also be analyzed, you can always make sure that the images have been screened correctly. It’s okay to leave Intra alone if anything occurs a notification will be sent to the person in charge. It’s also possible to have a real-time overview in your telephone, app or in any device you want.

Intra is for the security branch, airports, events, prisons and more.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us! Want to read more about what we did on image recognition? Read this 

What a dashboard can look like:

Application landscape:

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