Artificial Intelligence chat robot

An artificial intelligence chat robot who has read the dutch wikipedia and answers questions about it. He can also recognize emotions and dispatch a chat to a live employee if he is not giving the right answers.

We call him AIR (Artificial Intelligence Robot)

Nice feature is LMGTFY, where the bot gives a link to the relevant page. AIR is still in development, but we have big plans with it.

One of those things on the agenda is adding machine learning, the bot will find relations in the available data and can create new insights. Another step would be true AI, where the robot is capable of logical thinking, which is fundamentally different from a learning algorithm.

That development is in an early stage, we do have an idea how this could work though.

Currently AIR is only interesting for demonstration purposes and call centers. There is a link to a chat application where call center agents are present to handover a call. We use for this.


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