MyVox now available as SAAS application


We are proud to present MyVox as a Software as a Service application. From now on, everyone can create their own MyVox environment for free for 5 persons. MyVox is a knowledge application and digital work environment focused on companies who want to stimulate innovation.

What is MyVox?

It is a social intranet application for companies and organizations that want to leverage the knowledge of their employees and make sure they can work together regardless of place and time.

What is SAAS?

Software as a Service is a way to use the software without having all the trouble. You basically rent it while you need it and for the number of users you want. Instead of buying an application, having it installed and maintained by your staff. There is no need for that with SAAS.

Getting the work done

Employees of companies are using more and more communication tools to get their work or projects done by using a lot of different apps on the internet. This makes finding the information back very hard. MyVox is the place where all information can be bundled and getting things done much faster. You can start online discussions in groups, share a video or a success with your team. Create minutes of a meeting or edit your Microsoft Office documents online. We tried to bundle many handy tools for business people in MyVox to help them work together in an intuitive and user-friendly environment. With the pro version, you can increase the number of people working together and use your own look and feel. If you want to integrate MyVox in your corporate environment we have a dedicated version for you. Integration with Microsoft ADS, add all your files and make them searchable (full-text search). The dedicated version can also be adapted to your specific needs, If you can imagine it, we can make it You can create your own environment in just a few seconds Myvox logo


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